Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008

Our family celebrate 2008 New Year's Party at my new condo. Mom and I are preparing the ingredients for Spaghetti Meatballs.

Hoping the cooking is successful!

Here it is! Spaghetti Meatballs my style.

After the dinner and near midnight countdown, we went upstairs to the highest floor of the condo to see the fireworks. This was the moment before the midnight.

5...4...3...2...1....Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

SD New Year Party

Khun Sivaporn and P' Rochana hosted a 2008 New Year's Party at their house.

The famous Somchit's beef and pork noodles,near St. Gabriel School, was here. I had two and Dear had three. They were very delicious.

After the dinner, some guests preferred to try their luck.

But I preferred to see the beautiful lights decorated on the trees outside the house.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tum hosts a New Year's Party for her subordinates at Talingpling, Silom Road. From left, Taew, Jaew, Jiab, Oy, me, Tum, Lar, Or, and Yongyuth.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Loy Krathong

Fireworks over Rama 3 Suspension Bridge on Loy Krathong Day. Photo taken by Dear.

Sendai Ramen

Yesterday I went to Awe and Big's wedding party and was very fond of the Japanese ramen which was served there. Therefore today I took Mom and Dear to try it at Sendai Ramen restaurant in Soi Thong Lor. It was decorated just like a ramen retaurant in Japan. Dear likes the ramen with pork very much. He said the pork was so soft that it almost melted in his mouth.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Birthday

I celebrate my 51st Birthday at Scala Restaurant, Siam Square.

Trying to use the monocle, the birthday present from P' Rochana.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Coca Restaurant

We have lunch at Coca Restaurant on Surawong Road. I regularly dined here while I was working at TISCO on Silom Road. The popular dishes included crab with curry paste, roasted duck, and the all-time famous Sukiyaki meal. Coca has recently been renovated to celebrate its 50 years anniversary. The place looks more modern and the food is still good just like before.

Monday, July 16, 2007


During July 9-15 I went to Mongolia, the land of the world's great warrior Genghis Khan. Our group consisted of 19 people. Most of us went to Beijing first but, since I used to go there a couple of years ago, I joined them later. We arrived at Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia on July 10. Mr. Gonzoric, the Mongolian diplomat, and Madame Densma, his wife, warmly welcomed us. They took care and reserved his own hotel, Gobi Sauna Complex, for us all. We have visited various interesting places such as the Mongol monastery, the Naadam Festival's Opening Ceremony, the 13th Century Mongolia, etc. We have stayed in the traditional "Ger", seen the horse racing competition, tried horse riding, and had fun shopping for Cashmier sweaters and North Face jackets, etc. Although the weather was rather hot and sunny, I had a memorable and wonderful time there.

For more photos of Mongolia, please visit my photo album at

The Gobi Complex consists of a hotel and a sauna. The Sauna is very famous and always fully booked.

The VIP Room in the Sauna

The Fitness Club

We had the first dinner in the restaurant in the Sauna, where everybody had to dress in sauna uniform.

Winter Palace of Bogd Khan

P' Tim at the top of the Zaisan Memory Hill and Scenic.

Mongolian people paraded at the Naadam Festival's Opening Ceremony on Mongolian National Day.

Mr. Gonzoric and his son, Tem, took us to see the horse racing competition on the Mongolian National Day.

Behind me was the Ger, where we had traditional Mongolian lunch.

Dr. Sumet demonstrated how to use a Mongolian toilet in the middle of the grass field.

Aor, Nom, and Mi

We spent a night at the Terelj Camp, a resort for tourists, 55 kms from Ulaanbaatar.

Beautiful rock mountains

Khun Sivaporn and family

In front of the ger where I stayed with Khun Chanthra

Mi, Noi and Busaba were so happy that they turned crazy.

Khun Sivaporn and the Mongol warriors

On the hill we could see gers and camps in the distance.

It was a great honour to pose with Dr. Sumet.
Mongolian Food:

Looks like beef stew at a food stall at the Nadaam Festival

Fermented horse milk, or Arak, is usually the welcome drink in traditional Mongolian meals.

Mr. Gonzoric treated us to the traditional Mongolian lunch in the Ger. In front of him was bread and various types of meat - beef, lamb, horse, goat, etc., which he later distributed them to everybody. Most Mongolians don't eat vegetables. They prefers meat as it keeps them warm in the winter.

The Teppanyaki food style in a trendy Mongolian Barbeque grill restaurant in Ulaanbaatar.
Mongolia is the Land of Blue Sky.

Some sweet couples :

Khun Pichai and Busaba

Khun Sivaporn and P' Rochana

Noi and Suthas

Mi and Tem