Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wedding of Nong Pat and Suriyon

This year I celebrated my Birthday at the wedding ceremony of Nong Pat and Suriyon at the Oriental Hotel.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The next Bond movie to be released soon.

Num Heang, Kabinburi

On the way to Wang Nam Kheo, Dear and I had lunch at Num Heang Restaurant at Kabinburi. In the picture, Dear is very pleased with the grilled river prawn, which is the signature dish there.

Our Wang Nam Kheo Land

White cowboy fences are being built to mark the territory of our land.

The bridge across the creek has been repaired.

It was the first time that Dear was here. He seemed to like his piece of land and the beautiful creek adjacent to the land. The creek has recently been expanded wider, causing more flowing water, so much that we could hear the sound of the water there. Another thing he liked was the good phone reception at the land.

We happened to meet Luk Pla, Boo, and their son at the land.

Two big ponds have been dug on Luk Pla's and Khun Paweena's land, which enhances the beauty of their properties.

Dear tried to take photos of the beautiful wildflowers..