Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My 50th Birthday

Wow! I can't believe I am 50 years old today. I have never thought of the figures and always think I am still young. Sometimes I wai the younger persons because I thought they were older than me. I still like casual dressing for young generations. Blue jeans and T-shirt are my favourite. I am rather strong for my age. I try to go to the fitness club or sport club at least twice a week. I listen to pop and rock music, go to the movies, eat meat, drink wine, and do other activities not normally done by averge Thai middle-aged women. However, from now on, I will try not to forget that I am not that young. I will try to take care of my health, eat right, sleep right, play right, and think right.


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday. 50 is very young. I am 55 and run 3 miles every day. You just find as you get older that you have to eat more fiber. Stay active and try not to gain weight. You will live a long time.

Madrid, Spain

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Hope it's not too late to say that and wish you a very happy and healthy life ka.